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Australia by Boat

In this informative section, you will find a useful overview of chartering boats, plus some of the geography of Australia, the abundant marine life and the different types of vessels available. There is also an entertaining article on where to travel once you have your boat, with suggestions for the best islands to see.

Special Events

While in Australia, there are many special events not to be missed, and this section outlines some of the most popular, including the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Racing enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the Melbourne Cup and the Caulfield Guineas, both well-respected annual events.

Relaxing Cruise Trips

No trip to Australia is complete without taking time out for relaxation, and a cruise trip is an ideal way to unwind. This section discusses the most popular cruise ships and what to expect on board. It looks in particular, at taking a cruise along the East Coast, and covers the best time to travel and what amenities and trips are available.

Port Towns

While travelling on your chartered boat, you will need to know which port towns to visit, and this section has plenty of suggestions, including a new guide on what local food and specialities to look out for on your journey.

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