Chartering Boats in Australia: An Overview

Whether you’re an expert, an enthusiast, or even just looking to try it for the first time, chartering a boat is a great way to see a country, or a region, from a different perspective.


Australia is, as you may know, a large island, that is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean, as well as the Southern Ocean, and the Tasman Sea. This means that there are four different large bodies of water to explore by boat and charter. There are some gorgeous coastlines to discover. Beyond just the coastline, Australia is full of varied topography, from deserts to mountains, to rivers to the tropical bush, to beaches to rolling hills. The topography is complimented by both the friendly people, and diverse wildlife.

There are charters for sport, leisure, adventure and anything and everything in between.

Marine Life

The important marine life in Australia is a draw for many tourists and visitors. The Great Barrier Reef, for example, is something that people come from far and wide to experience. It is, after all, one of the seven wonders of the world, is even larger than the Great Wall of China and is even visible from space. Chartering allows you to experience the reef up close and personal, by scuba diving, snorkelling and other activities.

Under the gorgeous blue waters, you will see sea lions, sea dragons, hundreds of species of fish, and marine life you can’t see in any other country. Up to 90% of species in the reef cannot be found anywhere else on earth!


There are also different options regarding sizes and types of boats. There are massive yachts, all the way to rowing boats that can be chartered. Boats can also be chartered for parties, for scuba diving, or even just for sightseeing. The options are endless.