Casinos in Australia. Best of the Best

If you are chartering a boat and looking to stop at one, or maybe a few, of Australia’s port towns, you may be looking for the best things to do and see. One major draw and arguably a great night out, are casinos in the area. In Australia, over 80% of those legal to do participate in gambling activities and 10% of the country’s revenue is generated from some sort of gambling activity.

With this much interest in the industry, there are several fantastic existing and upcoming casinos to visit and enjoy. The country boasts over 60 legal gambling facilities and casinos, 18 of which are located in Victoria alone. Some of the casinos include:

  • Adelaide casino which has 10 sportsbook options, 9 different poker rooms and over 1000 slot machines.
  • Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is a popular choice among visitors because it is located within the beautiful hotel grounds and has over 500 slot machines to choose from.
  • Princess Cruises has a great casino aboard their cruiseships, namely that which travels from Melbourne, the Golden Princess. A great option for gamblers also looking for a waterway vacation.
  • The Crown Perth is one of the larger casinos in Australia, boasting over 2500 slot tables as well as gorgeous on site amenities and features that are not to be missed.
  • The Crown Sydney is something to look forward to as it is expected to open in the next few years and is expected to have a plethora of amenities that go far beyond just a casino and will be located right on the water.
  • Sunshine coast racetrack has a name that says it all and is a great place to experience one of Australia’s favourite passtimes: horse racing and betting.
  • Wrest Point Tasmania is another great option with over 730 slot machines among many other offerings.