East Coast on a Cruise

Seeing the East Coast of Australia by cruise is a great way to see all that it has to offer in a timely yet relaxing manner. The East coast is about 4000km of shoreline and would otherwise take you over 50 hours of driving (non stop) to see it in its entirety (from Melbourne to Cains). In addition to the length, there are port towns and sights to see every half hour or so, so cruise ships are a great way to do it all without spending 50 hours on the road.

If you do plan to experience the East coast by cruise, here are some tips to make sure that you travel when and how you need and want to:

  • Timing; there really is no “bad” time per se to take a cruise in Australia but the wave season tends to be the most popular time. This includes the period from October to April. The popularity of this time frame makes it easier to find a cruise because there are more options to choose from.
  • Amenities; In order to fully enjoy your time on the ship, make sure that you pick a boat that suits your needs and wants. If you are with your family, pick a ship with amenities that are kid friendly and tailored to children and if you prefer adult only fun, choose a more luxurious or adult only ship. Pay attention to things like swimming pools, restaurants and casinos that tickle your fancy as well. Some ships are able to offer some of the best online pokies.
  • Stops; make sure you look at and understand the stops you will be making and the itinerary. More stops are great for those who are looking for adventure and exposure whereas a few stops are great for those on a leisurely schedule or who may be less mobile.